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Our Latest creations.

Music allows us to connect with ourselves and others like never before. We have worked very hard to produce our latest album, "Motel." It features new songs like Leviathan and Whisper that combine new melodies to create something beautiful. It features 10 amazing songs, with one bonus mix.


This album is unlike anything that I have ever listened to before. Ever.

- John Marshall

Motel is our favorite album and it will probably be yours as well. That is a bold statement, but the moment that you here how well the sounds and voices are coordinated, you will understand why. Ten songs are included with a 5 minute bonus freestyle track. This track is a great example of what you can create if you just have a good time with some friends and create together.

We love music


We are a group of people that like to have fun while doing what we love. MORE has been together for around 6 years and we have enjoyed every second of it. Thanks for stopping by on our new website! It was created by our good friends over at Minewire Design for the Community Challenge #2.


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Songs Produced

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